Cost of Cremation

The cost of a Clear Cremation is £1,195.00 – a saving of up to 60% on a traditional funeral.

What’s included?

• Collection from hospital or Coroner’s mortuary within the North West of England
• Doctors’ fee (if applicable)
• Solid Eco pine coffin
• Transfer to the crematorium
• Cremation fee for unattended committal
• Return of ashes to any address in the North West of England or scattering in the Garden of Remembrance

Extra Items

• Collection from a private address £250
• Personal farewell for up to 15 mourners £250
• Outsize coffin £300

Pre Payment Cremation Plans

The cost of a Pre-Paid Cremation is £1,595.00.
Our service is available to all, no questions asked. Anyone will be accepted – it doesn’t matter how old you are and we don’t ask any medical questions.

Payment Options:-

• Single payment – £1,595.00
• Monthly payment plan up to 12 months interest free credit, over 12 months i.e. 24 or 36 months @ 6% per annum. Alternative instalment periods are available
• Minimum deposit required of £250 on all plans

What you’ll receive:-

• A welcome letter thanking you for choosing the Clear Cremation Pre-Paid Plan
• A Plan Summary outlining exactly what is covered and a record of your payment(s)
• Contact details for you and your next of kin as well as any special requests you may have made
• A Plan Certificate with your unique plan number
• A Clear Cremation Wishes card to keep in your purse or wallet so everyone knows who to call when the time comes

What’s included:-

• Collection from anywhere in the North West of England from a hospital or coroners mortuary
• Transfer to the crematorium
• A solid Eco pine coffin
• Hand delivery of the ashes to any address in NW England or scattering in Garden of Remembrance
• Doctors’ fees (if applicable)
• Cremation fees for an unattended committal
• Administration fees (£200) the cost of setting up your plan, generating your documents and keeping your money safe

Open to all, no questions asked